Fish Free February

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Who needs another monthly challenge?

Fish Free February was created to educate, inform and create awareness for the general public on large scale fishing and the fishing industry.

This month long campaign will shine a light on the multi faceted issues surrounding how, why and what we take from the ocean. This information will allow us to make healthy choices for the planet as well as ourselves.

Fish Free February is more than a challenge to go fish free for the month. It’s an awareness campaign to highlight negative impacts of various fishing industries and the environmental concerns that come with putting fish on your plate. We are inviting you to become a conscious consumer and make better buying choices for your health and the health of the ocean.

But Fishing Is Pretty Straightforward… right?

The ocean is facing many challenges and the health of the ocean affects us all. This vast ecosystem needs our help and this special month has been designed to teach us how to ease some pressure on the ocean and become more aligned with nature. We’ve done that by joining the Fish Free February campaign. We would encourage everyone to do the same by adding your name here.

In the coming days and weeks we will share lots of information with you so you can begin to understand some of the oceans challenges to inspire you to be more ocean positive. We will highlight some of the issues surrounding fishing that you might not be aware of; destructive methods of fishing, habitat pollution and destruction, fish farming, food labelling, poaching, bycatch and human rights violations.

The Fish Free February Team

The Fish Free February campaign was spearheaded by passionate conservationists and marine biologists, Simon Hillbourne, Bex Carter and Jess Haines. They teamed up to create awareness and provide education on a multimillion dollar industry designed to put seafood on our plates with little or no regard for environmental impact. The vision for this campaign is not to make us all vegans or to cut out seafood entirely, but to create a well informed consumer base who will make buying decisions based on their desire to support the environment.

Change Starts With You

We are here to share what we know, answer your questions, doubts and concerns, support and help you implement change. You can decide to do nothing but Let’s face it, humanity is inherently good, we have a strong feeling we’ll see some positive changes happening.

Please reach out to us here if you have any questions, doubts, concerns or need advice on how to be a conscious consumer. There will be a lot of information to digest and you might not know what to do first or you might feel immobilised by fear of change and doubt whether you are doing the right thing.

“Make a change because, no matter how small, you WILL make a difference.
After all the vast and deep ocean was made one drop at at time.”

Zakia – MotherOceanBlue

Finally, we applaud those fishermen who are dedicated to sustainable, small scale fishing using selective fishing gears. However, the vast majority our seafood comes from industrial fisheries with multiple conservation challenges that we will shine a light on. We must be mindful that there are those in the world who have no choice but to fish for their only source of protein. Fish Free February is for those of us who have a multitude of choices available to us – price, availability, location and personal preference. Let’s use our privilege for good.

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