How can you fix a world if you don’t know how it works?

We believe education is a keystone solution to the climate crisis.

We need to equip secondary school students with the right information and tools at an age where they can use that knowledge for future employment and life choices. Why? because by the time they leave college or university they are already enmeshed in the same system we are all trying to break out of.

Time is running out and we need the untainted creativity of young people, unhindered by dogma to throw their hats in the ring. We believe they can make a difference – they should too.


Connect, educate, inform and inspire our global youth to affect positive solutions for planet and people.

Bring cultural and social change to protect the worlds biggest environment.

Leave no one behind.


Save the planet

MotherOceanBlue students will restore balance to the planets environmental systems.



Founder: Zakia Rashid

Zakia is an award winning design and marketing professional; a passionate conservationist, advocate of Blue Health, certified PADI Dive Master, lover of sharks and mother of two boys.

Having dedicated 25 years in her professional career building and managing global brands across multiple communication channels, Zakia decided to embark on building a new brand – a purpose driven brand with a mission to protect the underwater world and, in doing so, secure a sustainable and functional surface; MotherOceanBlue was created.

“As a diver I have long felt a strong desire to give back to the ocean in a meaningful and impactful way. The underwater world is crucial to our planets survival. When I discovered my two teenage boys working on national curriculum GCSE coursework with no guidance on earth sciences,
I had my lightbulb moment.”

We need to support the voices of our youth and invite them to be what they should be – a valuable inclusion to a global problem.

Human desire to control what we see as chaos in our environments is actually
nature taking its course – a destructive anthropomorphic perspective that desperately
needs to change.

Zakia Rashid