Orca Trapped in Ice

The pod was initially spotted by a local fisherman who reported them to officials in the nearby town of Rausu on the northeastern coast of Hokkaido on Tuesday morning. A conservation group sent a drone over the ice to confirm the sighting about half a mile offshore.

National Geographic photographer and Hokkaido tour guide Paul Whitton has provided visual confirmation of the pod and reports that they are safe and well - 9th Feb 24. Despite most media and news outlets reporting the suspected saftety of the pod a few days ago, we have waited for an eye witness confirmation. Wonderful news!

What a great relief for all of us waiting for good news. Thank you both for taking the time to let us all know. 
The area is now being monitored for sightings of the pod and we are hoping for confirmation of good news for this orca family. We truly hope they are free and will update this story via our instagram feed @motheroceanblue and here. We hope to share happy news.

*FURTHER READING: New Scientist Article on Orca Trapped in Ice

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