Title image for the Fish Free February 2023 Campaign

Fish Free February

Who needs another monthly challenge? Fish Free February was created to educate, inform and create awareness for the general public on large scale fishing and the fishing industry. This month …

The Circularity Podcast

“Chris presents this episode of The Circularity Podcast with Mother Ocean Blue founder, Zakia Rashid. During the podcast they discuss Zakia’s story, and how her experiences of diving and discovering the fragility of ocean life have inspired her to create an awesome project to help educate others in conservation.”

Crossroads Cafe

Crossroads Cafe Podcast

“Today’s episode was recorded with Zakia Rashid, the founder of Mother Ocean Blue: delivering services, support, and education around ocean conservation and climate change. Zakia highlights why we need to all be thinking differently and the importance this makes.”

‘Jaws was not a documentary’

“The current perception of sharks is they are; mindless monsters, indiscriminate and ferocious killing machines. They are unloveable, toothy, ugly fish with cold dead eyes. The ultimate ocean bad guys. Plot twist – what if everything you believe about them is a lie?”

Be Better: ‘Life Force of the Ocean’

“Zakia is a self proclaimed nerd, shark lover and ocean ambassador. She works tirelessly to educate and engage every age range on the crucial role that the ocean plays. and we think that she is a phenomenal force for sustainability.”